Memorial Day Poem

By Chris Gay

At this time of the year there’s a day set aside,
To honor the memories of those who have died.
And praise lost brave troops from this land we call home,
Where the rockets glared red, and the buffalo roamed.

From Washington’s army; Continental it was,
Winning our Independence, for the Glorious Cause.
To Abe Lincoln’s war that so tore us apart,
Yet sowed fertile seeds to create a new start.
To the “Great War” they called it, absurd in its name,
The whole World got involved, and was never the same.
And then on came the Second, the worst of the lot,
As our men crossed the seas, to give all they’d got.
Today they’re called the Greatest Generation,
Who like those before them showed no hesitation,
To lay down their lives without consternation.
And then followed Korea, Viet Nam and Iraq,
Where in only one decade, we found ourselves back.

On this day perhaps, we’ll lay down our iPods,
Turn off the TVs, and our microchip gods.
And honor the brave, who did protect you and me,
As nothing we’ve done, nor could possibly be,
From the Midwestern Plains to each high rolling sea,
Would’ve ever occurred without those who did stand,
And sacrificed all in defending our land…

Thank you all for your service. You will never be forgotten.

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What if a late 20th Century Jack the Ripper tearing apart a small Connecticut town was the result of a pancake shop bet between God and the devil? Imagine if Satan’s impact on the world in the new millennium hinged entirely on one police officer’s skill in hunting down a ruthless killer…hiding in plain sight. Detective Danny Seabrook is an unwitting pawn in a divine chess match with immeasurable consequences for all mankind. Set primarily in 1995, this action-packed suspense thriller features clever dialogue, humor and romance-with an ending you will never forget.

Chris Gay is an author, freelance writer, voice-over artist, broadcaster and actor. For 7 years, he wrote and broadcast a daily, sponsored minute radio humor spot in Hartford, Connecticut. He’s written the paranormal, theological thriller novel Ghost of a Chance, the novella Sherlock Holmes and the Final Reveal, (with an incredible twist on the Holmes story) and four humor books: Shouldn’t Ice Cold Beer Be Frozen? My 365 Random Thoughts to Improve Your Life Not One Iota, And That’s the Way It Was…Give or Take: A Daily Dose of My Radio Writings, and The Bachelor Cookbook: Recipes with a Side of Sarcasm for the Single Guy and  Another Round of Ice Cold Beer: My 365 More Random Thoughts to Improve Your Life Not One Iota, He has written and voiced radio commercials, authored both comedic and non-comedic freelance articles, scripts, press releases, website, media and technical content, done occasional radio color commentary for local sports, and acted in a couple of movies and plays.

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